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Paolo Romano has a Master degree (2002) summa cum laude in Computer Engineering by the Rome University “Tor Vergata”. He obtained the PhD in Computer and Systems Engineering (2006) by the Rome University “Sapienza” with a dissertation on dependability in service- oriented multi-tier architectures. Since 2002 to 2008 he was a member of the Distributed Systems Group at the Department of Computers and Systems Science of Rome University “Sapienza”,


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 Standard     Version  Standards Body
 Primary query language used for data access through Teiid and for defining transformations in Teiid Designer.
 JDBC  3.0  Sun  The primary API for accessing Teiid and the Teiid Server. In addition, JDBC-accessible sources can be imported into Teiid Designer and integrated as data sources into Teiid, using one of the many JDBC connectors provided.
 ODBC  3.5  Microsoft  
 XA  3.5  The Open Group

Defines the semantics for two-phase commits in distributed transactions. Used by Teiid.

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Project Members by Partner
Paolo Romano (Project Coordinator)
Luis Rodrigues
João Cachopo
Nuno Carvalho
Maria Couceiro
Sergio Fernandes
Joao Barreto

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