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Cloud-TM at Open World Forum and Java One 2011

Representatives of the Cloud-TM projects have presented some of the latest project achievements at two of the most prestigious industrial fora, namely Open World Forum and JavaONE 2011!

Emmanuel Bernard from Red Hat presented Hibernate OGM at the OpenWorldForum as well as JavaOne 2011.

The abstract of the talks is reported below.

Hibernate OGM is a project aiming at providing the well known Java Persistence programmatic model to NoSQL databases like Infinispan. Hibernate OGM is built on top of Hibernate Core, the well known Java Object Relational Mapping tool, as well as Hibernate Search for its query capability.

This project is part of the Cloud-TM consortium to explore ways to facilitate development of cloud-based applications.
You can find more information at

Emmanuel will discuss Hibernate OGM at various other conferences: check out the full schedule at

Vittorio Amos Ziparo, R&D Director of Algorithmica S.r.L., gave a talk on the development of a multiplayer online strategic game that is being integrated with the Cloud-TM platform.

The abstract of the talk is reported below.

Oludap is a multiplayer online strategic game that is based on the open-source (j)Ruby on Rails framework MADMASS (MAssively Distributed Multi Agent System Simulator). MADMASS simplifies the development of next-generation web applications by relying on methodologies from Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems. 

In Oludap, players compete in real-time for limited resources in a shared environment. Oludap’s gameplay is episodic, meaning that small groups of users can play one-shot games. This type of games presents two challenges: 
  • the episodic nature of the game-play may yield to rapid and unpredictable fluctuations in the workload that can make planning for IT infrastructures not sustainable;
  • the fact that players act on a shared environment generates a high level of contention on data thus, considering that consistency is a strong requirement, scalability may be at risk. 
In order to overcome these challenges, we are working to re-implement the data layer of the game on top of Hibernate OGM and Infinispan, in the framework of the Specific Targeted Research Project (STReP) Cloud-TM, which is co-financed by the European Commission through the contract no. 257784. 

The presentation can be found here. It is also possible to download two videos: Overview and Basic Gameplay.