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The final prototype of the Cloud-TM Platform is out!

The Cloud-TM project reached its final, and most important milestone: the release of the final Cloud-TM Platform prototype.

The Cloud-TM prototype is shipped as a Virtual Machine image, and comes with a host of demos and example applications that showcase the ease of programming and the self-tuning capabilities of the platform!

More details about all the Cloud-TM software modules and instructions on the demos applications can be found in the deliverable D4.4 Prototype of the Cloud-TM Platform.

Moreover we are making publicly available also one of the Cloud-TM pilots, i.e. GeoGraph, an advanced benchmarking framework that allows generating workloads representative of geo-localized social network applications. GeoGraph is coded in Ruby and exercises the entire stack of the Cloud-TM platform, hence serving as a demonstrator of how complex applications can take advantage of the unique innovative features provided by Cloud-TM. Also for GeoGraph, we have made available two ready-to-go  Virtual Machine imagesMore details about the GeoGraph demonstration can be found in the deliverable D5.7 Pilot Demonstration.

Finally make sure you do not miss to read the final documents of the Cloud-TM project, which contain detailed information on the platform's architecture and on its evaluation. You can find them available here: